Friday, August 1, 2014

My NEW Goals

With my 30th birthday right around the corner I decided it was a great time to grow up.
So I have set some new and improved goals for myself.
Goal 1: Better Time Management

Tomorrow I start a new job working overnights and though I have been out of the real world working for almost 3 years now I am very excited to join the work force.
With the other "jobs" I already have I wanted something to work around my kids, my husband, my photography, my school and my newspaper job.
This is where I NEED to get some better time management skills under my belt to survive this next adventure in our lives.
Goal 2: Becoming Debt Free
This is another reason I wanted to go back to work. With three kids and the cost of living going nothing but up it is harder for the hubby to help us accomplish this goal in life.
I will be spending the time and resources to get us in a better place and get things taken care of sooner rather than later. Which plays into my third goal.
Goal 3: Saving Money
We all NEED to do this and I am TOTALLY convinced I should have been doing this sooner!
I have a few ideas how this can be done and how we can accomplish this.
We will utilize this goal for a "rainy day" fund, vacations, and major purchases that need to be made (you never know when the washer and dyer will go to appliance heaven, or the cars needing a new part etc)
Goal 4: Organize MY life:
This goal goes hand in hand with my time management skills, organizing our home and lives will help not only me, but the hubby and the girls transition into this life of mommy working again.
I want to redo my filing cabinet (started yesterday! YAY!)
Organize my bathroom (5 people and ONE bathroom is product HELL)
Organize the kids rooms... etc... Basically the WHOLE HOUSE!
Plan meals, bills and appointments...
I think you get the idea
(Each organizing task will be featured here for you)
Goal 5: Revamp the House:
Yesterday on the blog I shared 3 projects I am wanting to do for the house.
There are LOTS of things running through my mind to make our house more of our home and get things in more visually put together versus the "single" style we have now were things are thrown together and think they look good. I know this is a LONG road and I am ready to see finals in the rooms as I will tackle one room at a time.
But where to start.... hmmm...
What goals do you have for yourself?
Maybe I am just having a mid life crisis about 20 years early! :/