Thursday, July 31, 2014

Productive "Free Time"

Hi My name is Sandra Jones and I am a Pinterest addict.
You can find all of my addictions here on my pins and boards.
If you are not on Pinterest...all I have to say is WHY?!
Lately this addiction has gone back into full swing with some of my new goals (which can be seen here) I am utilizing my free time by being "productive" and "brainstorming" and getting "inspiration" on things I want to accomplish.
Now here is my down fall I think I HAVE to do ALL of these things at ONE time...
So I need your help!
There are a few things that I would like to do to help with our summer project (which I can not wait to announce the details but as of now we are keeping it under the rug until we feel it is the right time), but I am unsure what to do first!
I need a plan!
So here is the first group of "projects" I would like to do and then share with you here on the blog!
Project One: The Girls Names
I would love to do this for each of the girls and decorate them in their own special flair and style...
Project Two: Bathroom Organizing!
With 4 girls in the house (myself included) I sometimes think our bathroom has more stuff in it than any other room! I think that this is a CUTE idea to add some flair and organize the bathroom at the same time, I can even make them a little more unisex friendly for the hubby :)
Project 3:  Placemats
I want a café themed kitchen but I have yet to find placemats that I am in love with. Mainly I find cheesy ones that are NOT what I am looking for and I am tired of those plastic ones that are easy to clean but mainly ugly...
Above is my inspiration and  they will feature coffee "words" or coffee in different languages...
I am only going to share these three today because other ones will give away the surprise of the summer project.
So lets hear which one you think we should start with first!