Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Water Fun Wednesday!

My household is fish in a human body, I am just sure of it.
Usually our summer days contain swimming form sun up to sun down but this year we did not invest in a pool since our summer project is taking extra time and money.
We have however made up for water fun in other ways and the kids seem to so far enjoy it.
We have more water fun planed with them but here is what we have done so far.

Water Balloons:
Aww good ol fashioned water balloons, they take longer to fill up then they do to be used so this is NOT my favorite but the kids do enjoy it...
I enjoy watching them find all the pieces (evil mom...maybe)

The Sprinkler!
This is some total retro 90s here and I love it! The kids did too as you can see.
I like the fact that it teaches them other ways to enjoy the water than in a pool and as you can see Lo liked the opportunity to soak in the sun.
Mills Park Pool
The great thing about Arkansas is that there are SO many swimming options between the lakes and river but they also have some great public pools. One of our favs is at Mills Park. It just got remodeled over the winter and we were excited to try it out.
Down fall... Family of 5 will be $20 to get in so if you don't plan on spending the day there then your wasting your money...
Perk: There is a splash pad, a slide and a diving board. Everything this mamma needs to keep all the kiddo's happy.

Tyndall Park Splash Pad:
Ok so I did not actually go with them but our neighbor Tracy and her daughter Courtney grabbed the girls to check it out.
I needed the break and they needed the break.
Anyways this is at the local park. It was put in last year and we never got the chance to go visit and check it out.
This is a FREE place for kids to enjoy the water and the sun and it was a hit from what I gather from Tracy. Even the oldest who did not want to go decided to join after she got there and fully clothed!
No I am not mad I am just glad she got to enjoy it and took her music out of her ears long enough to be involved!

What are some things that you do in your local area to beat the summer heat?
Do you have a recommendation for us?
Lets hear it!