Friday, July 18, 2014

Where did Summer go?

Last weekend in Alabama me and the hubby were bitching(there is not a nicer word) about the heat and humidity we were teasing each other that we would loose 20 pounds because of it. We were missing our Arkansas summer weather and was ready to come home. Little did we know Mother nature had a "treat" for us upon our return. 
Earlier this week we had a HOT day with the heat index in the triple digits.. then the rain came in...
Thanks to the front we had a BEAUTIFUL day where the weather was dare I say perfect...
But Mother Nature was far from over...
Yesterday and Today we have had nothing by rain and COLD temps!... and when I say cold I mean we have not even reached 70!!!!
I am unsure if Mother nature forgot what month this is or what but I dont think 65 is JULY weather. I was pretty sure this was October weather.. but what do I know? 
How the weather where you are?
Are you in Mother Natures good graces?