Thursday, March 12, 2015

Where Has The Time Gone...

As I sit here and try to sleep I can't help but think that today is the day we go and line out classes for my oldest for JUNIOR HIGH!!! 
Hard to believe that Monday she turned 13!!!
That's right folks I am officially a parent of a TEEN! 


Seems like yesterday I was in labor with my first kid! 
Now we are registering her to go into the 8th grade in the fall!

I can not begin to explain the amazement I feel that we have survived already gone through these 13 years! 
D is a very special girl and I am beyond honored to be her mamma! 
This last weekend we celebrated her birthday with a HUGE party (16 kids included!) 
I will share more details on the blog tomorrow on her party...

If iI thought the last 13 years went quick then this last month flew even faster!!! 

One month ago today my 5th god baby was born! 

I was given the honor of being chosen to be the god mother to my youngest brother in  laws  lil girl. 
Unfortunatly I was not able to be there when she came to join us in the world but I did get TONS of pics! 


One month!

I can not wait to spend the whole summer with this girl!!!  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tatted Tuesday: Keeping Family Alive

One of my childhood friends sent me such a sweet meaning of  some ink I HAD to share!
Her mother in law wrote out her last name in Chinese Calligraphy for her one day and she immediately went and made it into something she would never loose or could ever replace and of course that would be ink!
See the lil "Samurai" character? Well not only does it stand for Wong (her now last name) but it is also in the penmanship of her mother in law!
How awesome is that!
Location of ink: Inner elbow
Pain Scale 1-10: 2
Artist: Cathy Hennessy
Location of Studio: Riverside, California
Thank you girlie for sharing your ink with us!
If you have some ink you'd like to have featured send us a message on our NEW Facebook page!