Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Middle School Open House

Monday night me and D were off to her last year of middle schools open house!
It is very hard for me to think that she is in 7th grade and then already headed into Junior High.
Open house for middle school here of course is the day where we get to meet the teachers, pick up the schedules and get to see if you get a top or bottom locker (the important things). Plus we pick up all the Remind 101 info, class rules and synopsis, PLUS run into every parent and student in-between.
This year I am excited for D's schedule and she also seems to be very thrilled with it and how it is all planned out for the day.
Thankfully we do NOT have a major core class first thing in the morning (which we had problems with last year) and we start off the day with GT (Gifted Program) and end the day in Advanced Band.
The classes that we hit in between them are: Science, Social Studies, Advanced Math. Pre AP English, Keyboarding, Fitness (P.E), and Advisory.
We are very excited to see all the new things D will learn this year as we prep for Junior High. I KNOW the end of this year will bring on many more changes as she gets ready to enter a NEW school again and get to start trying out for school clubs and teams like the color guard.
Here is to our last year of Middle School!
May we BOTH survive with good grades :)