Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Thief in the Night

If you follow me on Facebook you say Monday mornings post about my VERY bad Monday. 
I was very vague on what our bad news was and I want to thank everyone that send prayers for our family.

Monday morning I woke up to a temperature of 12 with the windchill of 2.. By the time I got the kids to school it felt like -2 and this So Cal girl was not a happy camper.

Though this was not the reason I requested prayers it is how my Monday morning started. 
Next time I will know to just go back to bed and wait for Tuesday to arrive...

What came next was unexpected and shocking, to be honest it still seems very surreal to me. 

My hubby called me from work to tell me that over the weekend some one had stolen tools out of the tool box in his truck. 
Of course these were not just any ordinary, Walmart bought tools but ALL of his special made electrical tools that cost a pretty penny...
They also took several of his bosses tools and then were gone.

I know it doesn't sound like a HUGE deal but this is how he makes his living, and is able to provide for me and our girls. 
We are talking several thousand lost...
I called and filed a police report and since these tools do not have serial numbers they classify them in the wind and pretty much a lost cause. 
I called the insurance company and because there was no damage to the truck the insurance will not cover it.

This thief will get away with what they did and and we will suffer the consequences involved, though the truck was insured.

I am thankful that they did not take more than what they did and that no cars were damaged or harmed, and that we are all safe as was our home but the thought of these people taking the things that are needed to provide our families lively hood is sickening.