Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seeing the World in New Eyes

Monday morning was Lo's annual trip to the eye doctor to have her eyes rechecked which ALWAYS means new glasses!
I LOVE seeing the glasses that they choose
 (I give my opinion but the final choice is their own)
they really kinda show their personality and how much they have grown over the year.
Poor Lo takes after her mamma in eye sight and though one eye has gotten stronger the Dr. says she will be in the "geek gear club" til she dies... (they have all my bad flaws, I swear)
Good news is that we talked about contacts and he fully supports my "wait til Junior High"
opinion and though Lo wasn't happy about it the Dr. agrees so it should stop the argument for a while longer...
Who am I kidding... she's only in 4th grade which means I give it another year before we are back at it
 Her first pair :) 
 Year 2 
 Year 3
Year 4 and Year 5

I can't get over how much she has changed in these last 5 years! 
Which pair is your fav?

I am SO loving the year 5 :)