Friday, February 14, 2014

Room Swap Update and how we celebrated the day of LOVE ALL WEEK!

So this week was the first week that I tried failed at starting the clean out process of the room swap.
I have found working with a 22 month old is more difficult than I remember when mine were younger so needless to say I did not get a ton accomplished.
I did how ever get some of my clothes gone through and some of the youngest clothes and got 2 boxes of books ready to go for the neighborhood yard sale that I put together this week.
Since I have found myself bouncing from room to room and getting no where I came up with a goal sheet to get it all done!

Week 1: Girls Room

Week 2: Our Room

Week 3: Bathroom

Week 4: Kitchen
Top Cabinets
Bottom Cabinets

Week 5: Hallway

Week 6: Office
Boo's Dresser


I know this all LOOKS and SOUNDS totally insane but with some days where I keep anywhere form 1 to 3 other kids and may get 10 minutes to myself a day I hope that these little goals will help get me more motivated to get this done.... after all it is what I wanted...
Run by and check out the previous posts about it here and here 

 As we all know today is Valentines Day!
The day to celebrate love!

Well this year we have celebrated it all week long!
If you read my post here you saw that a few nights ago me and the hubby had already received a pre-valentines gift.

The other night we had the neighbor come by for her gift from us ( I just couldn't wait any longer)
 Then last night my sweet M that I watch came by for a few to play with the girls and brought the whole family a little something to make our day sweeter!

Tonight is date night and we have still NO idea what we are going to do but the girls have a girls night planned next door with the neighbor and her nieces which they are TOTALLY excited about!

Come check back Monday where I will reveal what we finally decided to do!

Happy Valentines Day to all of my readers! You guys rock!

Now off to buy blueberries for 4th grade!