Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 things I am obsessed with

Thought this would be a fun topic to cover today since we had a BORING Monday...
I wanted to share the 10 items I am obsessed with right now besides the obvious things like my kids, photography, my blogs, facebook, school, etc....
Please note that these are not in any particular order. :) 
SO here we go 10 things I am obsessed with ....

 BK's Iced Coffee either in Vanilla or Caramel!
Granted I would prefer DD or Starbucks but BK is local for me and I can drop kids off at school swing through the drive thru and be back home in time to get my little Bray so it is a win win in my book.
And a little over $2 for a large is a okay in my book :) 
 Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Peppermint Crunch:
I don't eat a lot of ice cream these days but when I do I like to "treat" myself to something spectacular and since my favorite so far is the Ben and Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake which of course is seasonal I had to try this! But first I had to search for it!
 Do I dare say that I am stuck in the twilight zone with this game!
I know a lot of people were ALL about this game and it is still the #1 downloaded FREE game in the Google Play store. 

 I love me some Mexican food so naturally I am a HUGE fan of queso! My favorite so far is from Moe's Southwest Grill but I hardly get to go there much anymore (the hubby is NOT a fan of Mexican food)
So I got some dare I say store bough queso and I have to say it does well for a quick Mexican fix... 
 An American Classic that all of our kids will be reading in school one day and I just had to check it our from the library to see what the fuss was all about. I am half way through the book ( I am not a slow reader but I only read 15-30 minutes a night right before bed) but I am very intrigued and look forward to reading time every night
 Of course this is a product that only the inked would use but after being introduced to it from our new tattoo artist I am won over! back in the day (about 13 years ago when I got my first taste of ink) I was recommend Tattoo Goo and honestly used it up until  my last tat for my birthday and I am afraid I will never go back to the goo! This stuff is amazing and we always keep some on hand to help with the old ink along with the new...
 Let's be honest as a mom with 3 kids there is little time for pampering hair cut and color not to mention extra cash flow to do it so I improvise.. I have not cut my hair since the youngest was born though I do trim the ends myself once in a while and I dye my own hair... 
I love this color and kit!
 Paint colors! Of course this is a HUGE thing right now as we are picking out colors and then the big debate on which room to start with and when we will have the time is almost a daily discussion in our house these days, I am still as excited as I was a week or two ago but at the same time I am ready to start the process because I know it will be a tiring one :) 
 Good ol' fashioned Southern Sweet Tea. I am telling you I was missing out on this growing up in Cali! granted it is a southern tradition and almost blasphemy if you order unsweetened (unless you have a medical condition) here but it is something that I hate to say would miss if I ever moved away from the south...


I don't know if it is the color or the scent of this soap that makes me want to spend all day in the sink but I am LOVIN' this! Dial has come out with a Himalayan Pink Salt and Water Lily and needless to say it is a hit!

So there you have it.. some odd things yeah?
Today we med check for D and that is one appointment I honestly say I dread... 
Wish us luck!