Friday, February 7, 2014

The BIG Swap-a-roo

I got to brainstorming (always a dangerous thing)
 after I posted about the room maker overs (here)
on how I could make the rooms in our house less cluttered.
We live a hectic busy life, and it is hard to get everything done within the short 24 hours allotted in a day PLUS keep our ADHD children on a schedule.
With homework, band, cleaning, showers, etc PLUS a cluttered home its hard to keep cleaned, but it is maintained.
Don't get me wrong our house is far from being on the next episode of Hoarders BUT with 5 people and only 1500 sq ft. it can feel a bit cramped.
I also have this problem that once we get to a certain degree of "cramping" my claustrophobia kicks in and the house becomes to get smaller and smaller and I BEG to move!
Unfortunately moving is NOT an option PLUS it is pricey
AND we LOVE LOVE LOVE our neighbors and neighborhood!

So back to the brainstorm....
I was walking around the house picking up shortly after the post when I realized that there may be something I can do to give the house a "fresh" look and less cramped feeling when it hit me!


Here is the run down of the house now....
Front door entrance goes into the living room, doorway gives you the kitchen and hallway
Hallway opens doors to bathroom and master on the left and the office/guest room/playroom and the girls room on the right...
NOW here is my idea (BTW the hubby has yet to acknowledged this idea)

The 3 girls room moves to the master giving them MORE room since they are in there 95% of the time now and that would mean I can move the toys in there too, giving me and the hubby the larger of the other two rooms which I believe is the office now, leaving the girls room to become the office/ guest room...

I know it will be a TON of work but there will also be a TON of benefits (Trying to convince the hubby they outweigh the work is another story :) ).
The girls will have ALL of their stuff in one room and having more room in there means this mama can surprise them with something special like a reading nook or an electronic lounge!
We can use this pain in the butt time to go through ALL of our things and really clean house!
I smell a yard sale in the works for this one!
We can reorganize and get rid of things that have probably been buried in closets since we moved in 2 years ago
We can re do the rooms while we are at it!

The major down fall on this though is moving all the stuff!
The hubby and I have a king sized bed and needless to say it is NOT something I can do on my own...
though I have been known to try those things anyway (like you haven't)
Also is having all the rooms swapped in time for bed, which means we have to take one whole day and dedicate it to room swapping... (do I hear spring break?)
I have thought about trying to sucker  ask a few friends to come help, I buy the pizza you bring the muscles
kinda deal but in our small home I wonder if that would even be possible.
When we moved in we had a NICE welcome group here ready to help us unload and unpack but there was WAY to much commotion to keep up with what box was going where and after a long road trip and almost 36 hours of no sleep it was too much to handle.