Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Room Swap

So last night I talked my head off to  cornered the hubby to give me an answer about the room swap.
I laid out all the benefits on why we should do it and I finally got him to agree!
He did say I had A LOT of prep work to do before he even started to move the furniture and I could hear it in his voice he was already dreading it....
So today embarks the first step:
(Its important right?) 
So first up is our kitchen:
This is our main room since our driveway is right beside the back door we use it more often than not and we spend the majority of the time there as we do dinners, parties, and homework there. 

 Our living room is the "man's" room in our home and this is where the hubby relaxes and we have movie nights and all, as you can see we LOVE movies :) 

Though the hallway was not in the original plans I thought I would include it since we have closets there that will need a good clean out also!  
 Our itty bitty bathroom will transform into a cityscaped black and white theme that is family and guest friendly 
 and a OVERHAUL is a must for this closet space! 
 Currently this is the girls room I remind you this is the aftermath of a morning school rush! 

 The office/guestroom/playroom is a MESS to say the least. With kids here all the time this room is lacking in TLC.

 Our room, nothing grand in here but a catch all for the 6 year old who hides to have her own time and a place where me and the hubby can sleep... we have decided on a grey palate for the color scheme to give the room a neutral feel and accent it with a unknown color at this point...

You can see all the themes and ideas here for each room. I have a lot of prep work to do which means clean out closets, organize them, start going through things and throw, keep or yard sale it and I am excited to do so! 
But where do I start? HMMM
I will keep you all posted on the progress of the rooms as I go through them and start this LONG dragging process but I am hoping for a HUGE turn around for these rooms! 
Time to freshen up!