Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meet the Family!

So I have realized that after 2164 views of the blog that I should have already introduced you all to our family! After all we are the inspiration to this blog...

Meet Ant:

The man of the house and I do mean the one and only (poor guy)
Here are a few odd and end facts:

  1. He was born in FL but raised in the Southeastern part of Alabama
  2. He is the "middle" child of 7 children
  3. Favorite food is spaghetti
  4. He is an electrician
  5. He is a part time student in the field of electrical work
  6. Favorite color is White
  7. LOVES movies
  8. is OCD about his vehicles
  9. HATES cold weather
  10. LOVES tattoos

Meet D
  Our oldest of our 3 daughters
I promise she doesn't dress like this everyday ( it was nerd day at school)
 Here are some fun facts

  1. Born in Mississippi
  2. Raised in Alabama and now Arkansas
  3. Plays the clarinet and guitar 
  4. TOTALLY into "Geek" things like Start Wars, Yugioh, etc.
  5. Wants to be a game designer when she grows up (for now)
  6. Oldest of 3 and oldest grand and great grandchild
  7. In GT (gifted and talented), and Pre AP classes
  8. Received the Presidential Award last year
  9. Loves the colors Black and Red
  10. Is a new found Vegetarian
  Meet Lo

Lo is our middle daughter and the rock that stands between the oldest and youngest..
Here are some fun facts:

  1. Born in Alabama
  2. Raised in Alabama and now Arkansas
  3. Favorite color is Purple
  4. Wants to become a chef for the White House (for now)
  5. Straight A student
  6. Likes to read (finally)
  7. My social butterfly
  8. Won best speller in school
  9. Loves to shoot her bow and arrow
  10. Plays the recorder
Meet Boo

Our youngest of the group but you may "hear" her referred to as Al, Indy, Booger... and More (what can I say she has A LOT of nicknames)
Here are some fun facts
  1. Born in Alabama
  2. Raised in Alabama and now Arkansas
  3. Favorite animal of all time is a Tiger but the white ones win hands down
  4. Favorite color is pink
  5. LOVES school
  6. Total Daddy's girl
  7. LOVES to sing
  8. Doesn't eat cheese or crust on her sandwich
  9. Loves sports
  10. Wants to be a teacher/chef/doctor and more when she grows up

Meet Me:
Last but not least here are a few fun facts about myself
  1. I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Alabama when I was 14
  2. My favorite colors are black and pink
  3. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters and 2 adopted brothers (technically cousins)
  4. I am a part time student to earn my degree in the field of Photography, baby sitter and biz owner of 2 small business What the Photography and Kustom Gifts and Dekor
  5. LOVES tattoos
  6. Has an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL support group filled with family and special friends (You know who you are)
  7. LOVE to write and originally went to school for journalism 
  8. I know how to boogie board and body surf and play the (coughs) flute
  9. LOVE music and listen to it daily 
  10. Addicted to: Coffee, cell phone, instagram, Facebook, blogger and pinterest
Hope you all enjoyed learning a little more about us. If you have specific questions please fell free to ask and I will do a FAQ post!