Monday, February 24, 2014

While we were out: Recap to our weekend

Another weekend has past and Monday has it us hard..
We HATE Mondays in this house it seems...
On Friday night the hubby and I FINALLY got to go get our Valentines gifts to each other 
(Since I had lack of planning for valentines night)
Our life saver and go to gal Tracy watched the girlies or us so we could go and do this....

 A new piece to my sleeve and a new reminder for the hubby... it means family and goes perfect for his patience reminder that is on his opposite wrist. 

We have to give a shout out to our shop here Anchor Tattoo and our amazing Artist Chad for the beautiful work yet again! He is amazing at what he does!

We were also surprised when we walked in tot he shop to see one of my sisters there getting a memorial tat for our grandfather who had passed away before I got to meet him.
Again a huge thanks to Chad for this wonderful piece of art work to help keep him in memory for her. 

Saturday was nothing special since the hubby was a work but  we did have BEAUTIFUL weather for a change and I locked the kids outdoors for the majority of the day as I "cleaned" house when I could pull myself away from the outdoors. 

Sunday we all went for a family walk (the hubby's idea) I am pretty sure all of us girls whined on the inside 75% of the walk... 
Then back home for some lunch and laundry (good combo right) 
After nap time for the hubby we went to the local Home Depot and Lowes to check out more paint colors!
 We are wanting to do Grey and Orange in the master room but can't decide on if the walls should be the orange or the grey.... 
 We have narrowed down the office to a grey distributed by Disney paints since it is also the guest room that my 7 year old little boy I keep sleeps in.
Disney has extra durable easy to wash paints which is just perfect for the office and the girls room in which we have changed the colors in there to this turquoise and orange combo.
As for the living room I want to do a nautical theme in there and we have a TON of browns in there now.. 
We are thinking these greens would off set the browns and with the art to go in there we can still do the nautical beach theme. 
One is called intoxication which of course HAD to be the one I chose... (yes he rolled his eyes)
Sunday also marked the 2 week count down til our oldest turns 12 and I have done NOTHING to get it started and planned... 
(Mommy of the year award right here! Right?) 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and got to enjoy some warmer weather. We are back to colder days and nights this week and needless to say we are all over winter....