Monday, February 17, 2014

While We Were Away: A Valentine Weekend Recap

Friday after school the girls were so excited with all the LOVE and SWEETNESS that they had been showered with at school!

 They all had a blast at school with their parties but what they didn't know is that the fun was far from over! 
Friday after school my sweet little Max (a boy a babysit for) and his family came over for an after school play date and ice cream! 
They were also showered with more chocolate goodness from the neighbors (okay so I forgot to take a picture :/) which of course they LOVED!

That night they got to spend the evening with the infamous Tracy and her nieces and got to indulge in brownies, ice cream, strawberries, blueberries, popcorn and even coffee! 

All while me and the hubby got our first date night in MONTHS! 
We first went to get each others v-day gifts BUT we were unable to due to lack of planning  the fact that they were booked...
BUT we set up an appointment to exchange gifts at a later date...
We have decided on of course  ink work to work on our sleeves. 
Here are the ones we decided on

After that we were honestly at a lost on what to do but we decided dinner out with just us two would be a great start so we drove around to see what we could find that did not have lines out the door or a trip into Little Rock and was happy on narrowing our choice to the Dixie Cafe.

After dinner we made a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few things that we needed (okay so we apparently can NOT go a night with out being in mommy and daddy mode) .
Saturday was cleaning house, cars, doing laundry and running errands and I ended up feeling like crap so it was nice to kick back and relax some and NOT have a million things to do.

I also got the privilege to see some of the finished products that my hubby and God-Father have been working so hard at lately and I am in complete awe of this lighting in this home! 
These two men really know their art and are so talented at what they do! 

We also got to see an AMAZING sunset that night while leaving the store!

Sunday was to be a repeat of Saturday with lazy dazy days since I still was not feeling all that hot I was in no mood to do much of anything BUT it was SOOO nice out we decided a trip to the River Market was just what the girls needed.

Who doesn't enjoy tag in the tunnels... Yes all of my babies including the hubby was running around like 2 year old's hiding and playing tag. 

Today the girls are out for President's Day and enjoying it with a play date with Max and his brother. 
They are also going to the dentist for their semi-annual cleaning and are excited! (yes I know they are not right in the head sometimes :) ) 
Have an amazing day!
Come back tomorrow to see what they found out at the dentist, and the latest update about the room swapping!