Thursday, February 20, 2014

Painting the Roses.... I mean rooms :)

As you all have heard I am in the zone of cleaning out and refreshing our home. When I got the idea to swap rooms I got the brainstorm to paint BUT we rent. Needless to say I let the idea leave my mind for a week or two until I got the balls enough to ask the landlord.
(my grandma always told me there was no such thing as a stupid question)
After 24 hours of calling them (seemed longer though.... WHAT?! I was anxious)
I got a return call with my answer...

We were given then a okay to paint anything that was already painted so this means everything bu the doors to the room and the floors... ;) EEEKKK

Before getting the girls yesterday from school I RAN almost literally to the Wal-Mart down the road and started snatching colors that I had in mind for room off hand...

When the hubby got home (he is so UNEXCITED) we sat down and got a few rooms narrowed down already

The girls room will be a Cool and Clear Turquoise to coordinate with the room make over ideas in mind. 
There has been mention how cute a Chevron accent wall would be in there room which is why there is the darker color to the right of the final pick for the kids. 

Yes I am a little scared but that is why there is you tube and Pinterest right? 

The bathroom will be a Stormy Day Grey to go with the industrial Black and White City-scape theme that we have in mind.

As for Cafe SJ (the kitchen) I really wanted to do a brown and a red accent wall BUT red is hard to cover and we have to repaint so I saw that beautiful rich Spicy Cinnamon color that I may still accent with a tan tone but I have not decided on the details.
As for the res of the rooms, we are still in the stages of picking colors for the living room, I think a light earthy beachy brown... he thinks it would be too much brown in there with the brown furniture but he has no other suggestions... (men) 
Our room will be a grey though we are unsure of the two colors which one we want to go with. 
We did decide on a grey and orange room 
(the orange can be changed out to re-freshen the room at any time) 

The office is still up in the air and I have NO idea what I want to do with that space... 

I am very excited to do this I think that the hubby is less so but I hope that these coats of paint will help us love our home even more :)