Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Room Swap Update

This last weekend we worked hard in getting things ready for the room swap when it all came to a screeching halt when the hubby broke out the measuring tape.

Since we have a king sized bed that we are well ummm addicted too we have NO option to put it in one of the other room.. (yes I about cried) 
Between the king sized bed and the vents located on the floor our options for moving furniture is SLIM to NONE and this mamma is NOT a happy camper. 
I was SOOOO excited (more so than anyone else) to swap rooms and get things cleaned out, but after a few days of pouting (yes I know I am almost 30 this should really stop right?) 
I am back on track on plan "B"

Since we are still in desperate need of cleaning out the house I have focused energy on that task.
With the girls room done, and our room half way through we have managed so far 4 trash bags of clothes and stuffed animals and 2 boxes of books!

With the living room, kitchen, office, closets, bathroom, and laundry room still to go we are headed in the right direction though the swapping of the rooms is apparently now a NO GO...

But have no fear the rooms are still going to get make overs ( I am a little determined  obsessed with this idea)

Have you ever had a brain storm back fire?