Tuesday, August 13, 2013

School fundraising: 6 more days!

Since today was low key aka nothing but a dentist appointment for all 3 thoughT iwould take a moment and reflect how our schools raise money for needs and wants.
As most people know when your kids are in the public school system budgets are short and teachers spend a lot of their own hard earned cash in their class rooms.
Our school district does not run a lot of school fund raisers I can think of maybe one each year so where and how do they afford iPads for each class room, new computers and playground equipment? 
Box tops! 
The school collects these through out the year to raise money for all the fancy extras and then some. Some schools in our area uses them to buy ALL the students school supplies for the next year. The point is that this is a simple yet very effective fundraiser.
 If you are not familiar with the program let me fill you in. 
Box tops are on products that you buy at your local grocery store. There are 100s like the ones pictures below. 
 There are aton more of course but these are what I had left in my cabneits.
All you do is buy the everyday needs that offer box tops and then cut them out like so....
 Since I have 3 girls I seperate them so each has some to take to school to help participate in the fundraiser. The elementary school runs special contests for each class or gender to help excite the kids in participating. 
Its so simple and eveyone can help!
Now the middle school runs another "fundraiser" in the community to help out. They collect pop tabs to help out the local Ronald McDonald house located near the childrens hospital. This is another great community help as they donate the pop tabs to help the cost of the Ronald McDonald house. This place is for families with children in the hosiptal fpr long periods of time. Usually a hotel could cost the families $50-$100 a night but with the Ronald McDonald house they stay for only $10 a night! My husband and I have had a hands on experience with the one located in Alabama when his baby sister had a heart attack at the age of 17. 
Of your schools do not particopate on these you could suggest them to start! How does your school raise money?