Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Message centers... 5 more days!

So today has been a run like a chicken with your head cut off so I figured while my head was not in a spin to fill you guys in on our countdown. 
This morning or was up and at them and a trip to Walmart first thing.
Since the oldest has 2 appointments this afternoon in the big city of Little Rock I was not going to be able to cook a good meal. This is something I have lacked on all week to be honest. So I figured I could not to let the hubby suffer another night it was time to pull out my life saving crock pot!
While at Walmart I saw they had cork boards on sale! I am a cork board kinda gal and let me tell you I LOVE them! 
Last year I noticed my school board was over flowing with papers and three kids on one board wasn't cutting it! 
Since I am in a redecorate and reorginizing mood thought these were a great start with only 5 days left til we start the 2013-2014 school year.
I started to decorate each one to fit the various personalities of my girls and hopefully later this evening they will be hung up by my amazing hubby ;) 
They will hang in our hallway by thier bedroom door and hold things like schedules, menus, etc etc. Once they are all hung up and fully decorated I will show them off but here is a sneak peak of what we have started. 
Can you guess whos is whos?