Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Day of School!

Yay we have made it all alive and well to the first day of school. To my shock this morning went smoother than expected but I should not be as surprised as I am. The first day always runs the smoothest :)
This weekend we finished up the last few items on our school supply lists and relaxed as much as possible with our busy week ahead.
The paper work will be flowing in this week and I will feel like I have it coming out of my ears, but it could be worst I am sure.
We had open house for Lo and Boo on Thursday night and they both seem to have AMAZING teachers which really excites me! 
We have been blessed to have only had one bad teacher in all the years we have had school age children and that in itself is a small miracle to myself. :)
This morning it was up and at em with lunches to be made, stuff to gather up and ready to be out the door shortly after 7. Since I get the luxury to take my kids to school we had a few extra minutes for picture time! 

Since my youngest is still not hip about leaving her mamma for the day I took the strategy that was given to me last year from her kindergarten teacher and put it to good use this morning with the kissing hand. 
They all joined in and wanted one which I thought was sweet and refreshing to see that they are still a little bit of mamma's girls. My kissing hand is courtesy of Boo. 
As for me the house is SUPER quite so I am going to work on my home work, business stuff, and orders. I have a few errands to run before picking the girls up this afternoon but I am SOOOO excited to hear all about their first days! 
Happy Monday Guys!