Monday, August 5, 2013

2 weeks and counting.......

Well the count down has begun and we are 2 weeks to the day of school starting! I am one happy mamma! BUT..... I am also one unprepared mamma! 
Arkansas celebrated this last weekend with their tax free holidays and though I only had a few odds and ends of supplies to actually get I took full advantage of this sale! 
I finished up all three of the supplies list minus things like germ-x and ziploc bags. 
We are still working on some other needs for them though :(
Anyways today started earlier for us then we have had to do all summer. 
Koda had a follow up appointment for her sleep study done a while back and so that meant for a trip to the BIG city of Little Rock. 
I LOVE this city but rather venture there only when I NEED to and never because I WANT to! 
Anyways so the first stop we had to go was for a little morning pick me up....

Though I am a HUGE Starbucks fan it is always more pocket friendly to visit Dunkin Donuts.
I LOVE their vanilla iced coffee's thanks to my sister in law Jay who hooked me on them when we were living in Alabama. 
Since the girls can not have coffee they opted for tea and Rootbeer. 
After our much need pick me ups we took the 20 mile drive to the Children's Hospital in the downtown district of LR.
The girls LOVE going here because you can see the capitol building which is located right across the freeway from the hospital. 

After the appointment we headed home so I could do homework and some house work. Tomorrow is another fun filled day as we continue operation brace face :)
See ya then!