Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Countdown day 13 and 12

Well we have been busy bees in this household. 
13 days left (yesterday) we managed to run around and get errands done in order to finish up getting school supplies and everything that the girls need to start.
Our morning started off to Target to drop of prescriptions for the oldest. Since she is ADHD this is a must have for her sanity and her grades. 

Then we ran to the orthodontist so she can have her check up (more on this with operation brace face) and wait for them to fill her meds.
After the appointment we ran back to Target to pick up her meds and found some great $1 finds for their lunch boxes which can be seen here on instagram.
Then it was OFF to the big city of Little Rock to Kmart to finish picking up their needs :) 
After that we came home and set up their own little lunch making stations and got hings ready for today.
 Which has consisted of cleaning and going through winter clothes...
Oh the joys!