Monday, March 11, 2013

Operation Brace Face: Phase Two

Well today was the official start to operation brace face! 
This morning we went to see the Orthodontist and up until chair time we were both excited, this was quickly diminished when D hit the chair and they started their work.

D received 4 brackets, and 2 spacers this morning to make room for the brackets for her split plate in the next few weeks. 
Needless to say I am no longer D's favorite person. :(

She will thank me in 2 years I am sure, but until then she said she will no longer smile for me. 
She was excited to receive her shirt which she picked camo and a water bottle full of the essentials to keep her braces and teeth shiny and clean, which included her new BFF wax, a timer, floss, tooth brush, mirror and other goodies!
The assistant went back over the "No-No" list with her in which she was not thrilled about, but D did take the copy with her to school so she can be sure not to eat things on her list at school. Which for me is comforting and shows that she is thinking about the importance of these next 2 years. 
Here are a few pictures of today's events! 
Our before Image

Adding the first 4 brackets