Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Apps I {Heart} for Androids

This is a little different of a post than my usual but I thought that this would be fun...
I have not joined the crowds with the out pouring love for the iPhone, I keep  saying  thinking about it 
BUT truth be told I am a HUGE fan of the android based phones.
One reason for this is the TONS of FREE apps! 
I have only paid for 1 app the entire time of owning a "smart" phone and that makes this mamma happy!
Here is the list of apps that I am LOVIN' right now! 
A Beautiful Mess is new for the android system and ONLY $0.99!
Now Android lovers can join the iPhone crew with this fun picture editing app

Color Note:
This is my GO TO!
I have notes for everything and with a choice of 9 color coding options
 this student/mamma is in "sticky" note heaven

Who doesn't like insatgram?
This is great for our everyday lives and with the new video feature
I can post videos of plays, concerts and more for the outta
state family!
Follow me now at what_photo

I would cry without this one,
It is great to turn on to get me in the mode for cleaning,
studying and even editing;
Some days I would go insane without you Slacker!

This app is on every smart phone in the house!
We all love it to download free ringtones, wallpapers and even games!

Yahoo Mail
With 3 email accounts all come straight to my phone in this great app
No more worrying about missing an email from the kids school,
my editor,  or a client

My FitnessPal
This was initially downloaded for a class but it hasn't gone away :)
Keep up with calories, working out and more with this bad boy!  

The Weather Channel
This is another all time fav in this house.
Not only can we monitor the weather locally but we can keep an eye out for out of state family,
I think I have like 10 places I watch at all times to be sure my family is safe..
PLUS you get weather alerts!
This is a great thing to have in a place where you get a visit from a Tornado sometimes....

Yes it is true this app is AMAZING!
I have all the insurance cards in this app no matter what I am driving,
PLUS I can change my policy, make a payment and claim with a push of a button!
This is a fantastic to have with my daily grind!
So there you have it.
These are my go to apps as of this moment! 
I know there are more that I have and sometimes use but not like these. 
What apps are you into right now?