Friday, March 7, 2014

Class Picks and The Show!

Yesterday was a busy day around here. 
D had no school since they were going over class picks for the 2014-2015 school year and this is what we got:
Pre- AP English
Advanced Math
Social Studies
Fitness Concepts 
Advisory 7
Advanced Band

No we wait for the final word and final schedules for classes in August at the open house...
This next year will be here last year at the Middles School as we get ready to Embark on the fun of the 3 girls all in different schools but more on that much later... 

After we picked classes we headed to the high school for the Variety Show 
It was it's Silver Anniversary for our Music Teacher who puts this show together every year and it was wonderful.
Also they announced that the Principle would be retiring after this year and she went out with a bang with her co workers (teachers) doing a dance number to the popular song
"What Does the Fox Say?"
If you follow my on Facebook or Instagram I am sure you saw the video last night.
If not you can see the teachers dance away here

The reason we went to the show though was for my middle girl Lo who did a group song "What I Am" by Will. I. Am
You can see her videos here and here 

Huge thank you to my dear friend Tracy who met me there to support my girl
Lo admitted she almost threw up on stage (it was her first time) 
I told her not to worry I would have still claimed her :) 

All the acts were amazing and the girls love going to it every year. I can't wait til next years as it will be Lo's last year there in Elementary School 

Where has the time gone?

Anyways today I am headed to the Big City to finish up aka start on this party stuff for tomorrow! 
Wish me luck!
Be sure to come by and see how we managed...