Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Book Fair Fiesta

This week is the annual book fair at the elementary school and they are doing some fun and exciting things to help raise money this year.
This years theme is a Fiesta and they have something fun for the kiddies each day this week: 
Here is the plans:
Monday: Sombrero or Hat Day:
The girls did not participate this day because one was not there and Lo just decided hats are not her thing.. silly girl
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday:
This fun day featured tacos at lunch and music..
Good news Boo had her very first taco! (long story)
Wednesday: Amigos Day:
The girls decided they wanted to be each others Amigo and dress a like this morning with these creative outfits....

Thursday: Skippyjon Jones/Zorro Day
 Which should be interesting
and finally 
Friday: Dress for a Fiesta!

I love how they are encouraging students to read there and be a part of many things in school...
Does your school do things like this?
I'd love to hear about it!