Tuesday, March 11, 2014

While We Were Out: A Weekend Recap and Birthday Party!

This last weekend was a busy one as we celebrated my oldest turning 12.
If you follow me on my Facebook page or Instagram I kinda sorta flooded it with images of her...
If you don't here is a recap:

Friday I also got to meet up with my Hubby and my God Father for lunch and was joined with the rest of the Crew and my God-Father's wife. It was nice to have some adult time though it was short lived since they had to go back to work. 
I love being able to sneak away from the house to see those guys! 
I never feel like I get enough of it with them both...
My Godfather brought me some of his favorite book to read since I had finished "To Kill a Monkingbird" earlier and the week and was ready to start another one. 

Friday night we finished getting everything ready for the party Saturday and had my sister and her boy friend come down from college to spend the weekend with us. We just refer to them as the "college kids" since they are all still babies in my book :) 
We also had a pre party with Tracy the night before as everyone helped set things up!

Saturday the girls got to go to the Pancake Breakfast for the fire department with my sister and her BF and LOVED it! They got to see a helicopter land and take off and talked about it all afternoon before heading over to church for a Senior Luncheon.
(yes everything was happening Saturday!)
The party went off with out flaw and we were so appreciative of everyone who came to the party. It was nice to have everyone here and though we missed others that could not be here we are thankful for the ones that did come! 

D's main goal for her bday was to raise enough money to go to band camp this summer and we are happy to announce that she will be able to go!
She is SOOOO excited and I would like to thank everyone who gave her the opportunity.
The party rolled into the night with a bonfire and some relaxation some some adult beverages for us over 21 and lots of laughter and chit chatting and maybe a few go away rain dances from Boo...
Sunday was her actual birthday and she enjoyed the day shopping and using her new gifts. 
I am actually shocked she was HAPPY with the clothes and is ready for warmer weather to show it all off. :) 
Yesterday they were all back in school except for the youngest who had some dental work done. She laid up in my mommy's and daddy's bed all day in pain :( Nothing worst than that...
I did decide on the first book to start on and I am so excited!

Have you read this
I just finished chapter 2 and I am excited to read further...
Do you think it will make it on to my obsessions list this week?