Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our biggest reads for 2014... AND 2014 Resolution Follow-ups!!

Last Year I got the kids involved in some New Years Resolutions for 2014 and here is how we did...
D was the ONLY one who stuck with it!!! 

I am totally hoping that this will be a trend she follows for 2015 😊.

I knew she was strong willed but damn... 

I can NOT wait to share with you all what we have planned for 2015 tomorrow!! 

Here on the blog we have had an AMAZING year! 
Thank you to every pair of eyes who has stopped by and read our posts, commented, followed us here.

I have HUGE plans for 2015 personally, for the blog and my many businesses this next yearand I cacan't wait to share then with you guys! I will share some brainstorms tomorrow here :) 
Until then here are the too FIVE posts of 2014!!!


OUR #1 TOP post from the LAST YEAR is... 

Drum Roll Please:

We hope you all have a safe and HAPPY New YEAR!!!