Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tatted Tuesday: Featuring Adam

When I posted on my FB page asking for people to share their ink I was given a HUGE response, some friends and family had one or two to share and then there were other's like myself, the hubby and a few other friends who was gracious enough to share multiple if their stories and ink...
So our first Feature is dedicated to my co-worker Adam!
Adam is originally from New Mexico and is now here in the Natural State with his beautiful girlfriend.
All of Adam's ink has been designed and sketched out by himself except for one ( I will let you know which one soon)
So lets get started... These are all amazing! 
The Start of it all: Dedication to Faith 

Age: 19 (my first tattoo)
Price: $150
Pain scale: 9
Body location: ribs, left side
Chair time: about 2 hours
Artist: Adam Sedillo
Shop: Lucky Bastard Tattoo
My first tattoo!!! I wanted it to be have meaning and a purpose and not something I regretted when was older. I always wanted some kind of cross, so I knew that was going to have something to do with it. After finding a sweet stencil online, I took it and made it my own to give it meaning. I removed some pieces to make it smaller than the original and I redesigned it to kind of, camouflage my last name down the middle. I do believe in God and have faith in the Lord and believe there is an Almighty Power, which is why I chose to go with a fire-ish design of the cross. I chose my last name because it's family, my ancestry, it's who I am. My name down the middle represents me being within the Lord, or a symbol of my faith in Him.
The Ink of Coincidences: For Mamma
Age: 21
Shop: Lucky Bastard Tattoo Las Cruces, NM
Pain level: 2/10
Artist: Adam (another coincidence) lol
Chair time: approximately 1 hour 30min
Body location: right shoulder
Price: $150
This was my second tattoo. I came up with the idea and combined different lion designs to draw out this piece dedicated to my mom. My mom and father split when I was about 6, so my mom raised my brother and I a single mom. She played the roll of my mother and my father, which is why the lion is a male lion with a mane. I chose a lion because lions represent strength, courage, and having no fear. All qualities my mom showed raising two boys on her own. It's hard to tell, but her name is shaded in purple, which is the color loyalty. Coincidentally, my mom is a Leo and her favorite color is purple, but those have no reason behind why I got the tattoo. It's in my right shoulder. I chose my shoulders because I'll carry my mom with me wherever I go. And if I ever need anything, she's got my back.
Brother's Unite

Age: 21
Price: $120
Pain Scale: 2
Body location: back, left shoulder
Chair Time: about an hour
Artist: Justin Arrey
This is a tattoo dedicated to and matches my little brother's. On the left, the kanji is the character for "Loyalty," which is written above it. On the right, the kanji is the character for "Little/Younger brother with his name, Angel, written below. He has a matching tattoo, which is identical, with the exception of his right kanji is "Older/Elder brother" with my name written below. Everything is in a continuous ribbon, which is twisted to make an Infinity. Resembling "My brother will forever have my loyalty."
A Lesson in Life

Age: 22
Price: $65
Pain scale: 5
Body location: chest
Chair time: about an hour and a half
Artist: Justin Arrey
Self explanatory. Live and Learn. For some reason I tend to act before I think. I learn from life's lessons and take from everything I experience. I also just really like line work so I wanted something semi-fancy.
Finding Yourself after a First Love
Age: 23
Price: $60
Pain scale: 3
Body location: right and left wrist
Chair time: about an hour
Artist: Nadine Mantoyaz
Shop: Her house

Socorro, NM
After my first heartbreak from my high school sweetheart of 4 years, I changed for a while. I wanted to get her back and did everything I felt like I should do. Sadly, that included trying to be the person she wanted me to be, rather than being myself. I got this as a reminder to always stay true to myself and that I'm good enough for someone exactly the way I am. Later on I realized she wasn't worth it anyways.