Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tips & Tricks Thursday: HELP WANTED

Since the Hubby and I are both now working parents working 40+ hours on average a week and the chicka's are older (12,11 and 7) we thought it was WAY past time to get them involved in chores around the house.
With us having opposite schedules and both of us taking a "shift" with the kids we decided on a NEW and hopefully better way to get them involved.
I used to control the ENTIRE chore list for them and it was not going ANYWHERE...
They didn't contribute, it was harder for me to check on the progress and sad to say easier for me to do it all then to delegate them out.
I have sat down with the kids and hubby for that matter and explained to them that we are in fact a family there for we are a TEAM and we needed to help each other keep OUR home clean, neat, organized and guest friendly. Since our home is the "hang out" for all of the girls friends I thought it was only fair.
I came up with the idea to get the kids involved in picking their chores out of the ones me and the hubby came up for them and allowing them to chose the days that they wanted to do them. I figured if they were allowed some decisions that they would be more apt to participate.
Now there were chores that they had NO say so in etc. but I did find that at our family meeting (our first one ever!) that they were excited about it AND they really thought out things that they wanted to do and which days worked "best" for them.

All three have their daily to do's which include:
Picking Up their bedrooms before bed
Home work
plus their daily routines of
Brushing Teeth
Making Lunches
Taking Meds

Then they got to choose from the following chores:

Dusting: Living Room, Bedroom
Sweeping: Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Bedroom, Kitchen (One day a week)
Mopping: (Same Rooms as above) (One day a week)
Loading and Unloading the Dishwasher: (2 days a week each)
Laundry: This is their own laundry (Once a week)
Deep Clean Bathroom: (Once a week)
Taking out Trash

Thanks to pintrest I found some really CUTE free printables for each of the kids that I can utilize to help keep us ALL on track!

As of right now these are just the templates. I have not decided on if I will make these to be dry erasable (Most cost efficient way) OR if I will just print them out and write on them as needed)

Here is what I have chosen for each:
Each girl will have their own theme to match their personality and style to hopefully help keep them interested...




With the new chore system I thought it would be fun to set up a reward system with it. This is all in attempts to get them motivated.
I want them to be able to "work" for their rewards and really EARN them so I brainstormed and talked with the hubby and came up with this idea.
Each reward is earned after the said number of days that they have repeatedly done their chores without being asked or reminded. If they miss a day they start over on their days...
15 days: Hot Chocolate or Frozen Yogurt treat from fav café or shop
30 days: $30
45 days: A surprise gift!
90 days: New item for their bedroom or new outfit
I did not set up anything past 90 days because I thought it was a good start for them. If they do reach 90 days I will brainstorm some more ideas...
Here are the reward charts I found:



I also decided that I would do a chart separately for their Daily To Do's:
I am still in the process of customizing it but here is the template I am using:

I have not decided when this will all go into affect for them but I am super excited for this new attempt!

Do you have a system that works for you and your family?