Monday, June 30, 2014

Highlights from the Last 2 Weeks: In Pictures

 These last few weeks have been SUPER Crazy!
I have not forgotten about my readers and wanted to catch you all up on the last few weeks in a nutshell.  

Our Summer Project is in FULL swing and time is NOT on our side.

A anniversary gift to me and the Hubby from our Amazing Tracy!

I did it! I cut it all off! (More to come on this)

A day at the pool with the kids is just what we needed

A hint to the summer project on which we have yet to confirm what it is... :)

Our Annual Yard Sale was a hit!

Wine and Fire makes a Friday night worth all the hard work during the week
Band Camp Dorm.... EEEKKK

Swimming is what we do best :)

JUDY! I love this woman! She stopped by on her way through to see her first grandbaby!
BTW he is a DOLL!

Purple Hair?! Why NOT!

Operation Brace Face continues! (More on that to Come)

We celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary!

Band Camp was a success! (More to Come)

Another Summer Project Hint

My newest favorite pick me up!

Star Wars piece was played at the last concert!

We celebrated the first day of summer with water fun and tanning!

As you can see things have been very busy! I will be highlighting a few of the things this week like band camp, our hair, and more...
Hope you all will join us!