Monday, June 9, 2014

While We Were Away: A Weekend Recap

This last weekend we were busy, busy (like that is nothing new right).
Friday morning and into Saturday we had our neighborhood yard sale.
We have 5 out of 8 houses on the block gather their unwanted/needed things through out the year and set up shop together one weekend a year.
We have found this very effective for us all and we LOVE being able to sit out there and shoot the breeze as we clean out our home to rid of the clutter we have all gathered.

The best thing about our yard sales though is that what we don't sale we make sure to donate it to a local charity. We think that it is more important to donate than to hold on to the things and hide them away until the next yard sale.
With the rain this year the sale was not fantastic but we did a decent amount, and every little bit helps :)
Saturday night Tracy came by to visit and chat for a while and we relaxed and enjoyed the thunderstorms.
Yesterday we cleaned our own home, did laundry and did the ever so dreaded trip to Wal-Mart and watched the new RoboCop 
Since I do not remember seeing the original 1980's movies of the franchise I can not say how well it kept to the original but I can say it is defiantly a man's movie :)
Sunday we also worked on our big summer project that I have been hinting about on my Facebook page and I am happy to say we are one step closer to the reveal. There is however a lot more work to be done..