Monday, June 16, 2014

While We Were Away: A Father's Day Weekend Recap

This weekend was one to remember as I epically failed numerous times. :/
Friday night we went and got the hubby his Father's day gift in the city and though I can not say what it is due to the fact that it will give away our summer projects I can say that we think he is allergic to it...
Fail #1!
We relaxed Friday night chatting the evening away with our neighbor Tracy and were excited to spend some time with her.
Saturday it we tried to relax some and enjoy the beautiful days that we have been having after 3 weeks of rain.
That night we went to a friends house to attend their son's 10th birthday party and left without two of the kids as they got to stay with their daughter for a sleep over. They were super excited and the hubby and I enjoyed the company of some great friends that we don't get to hang out with often enough.
Sunday morning I over slept... A LOT like 9:40!
(Epic Fail #2!)
I planned on getting up before the hubby and surprise him with breakfast and a small gift but needless to say ummm that it didn't happen... (face palm)
We ran errands and spent more time with Tracy shooting the breeze that evening.
We are super excited to have nice weather finally and it is starting to feel like summer!
We have a BUSY BUSY BUSY week ahead as I take the oldest to band camp in the morning and get the middle one ready to go to her dad's when D gets back.
Then it's hair, fun in the sun, working on our summer project, getting D from Band Camp, school work and a Surprise visit from a good friend from Bama who is passing through the area!
Are you tired yet?!
Thank God my hubby found me a red bull that I like! I foresee us having to buy stock to survive our summer!