Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Holy Candy Batman!

Aww Halloween the holiday that we love so much incorporating costumes, trick or treating, festivals and of course... Candy!
As a tradition my bestie and I have started putting candy bags together for all of "our" kids meaning. When I say started I mean I recently joined in with her to help and contribute since last year and when I say "our" kids we mean neighborhood(s) and our count this year was 24...
What can I say we have ALOT of ghouls and monsters in our lives. ;)

Last night during her jammie birthday party celebration we combined our wine night (it's weekly yes... dont judge us) and our candy bag prepping into one.
What we were thinking adding this all into a few short hours?  We havent figured that out but it was a success and the birthday girl had fun so thats all that matters. 
I was in charge of the bags and this is what I came up with. 
This was really simple and I will be honest I found EVERY material needed on clearance at my local Target. WIN!
I also recruited my kids to do the stickers ;) 

Tracy and I have bought candy and goodies off and on for the last month for the candy bags and we ended up with this...
Yes you see that correctly a tote slam full! I cocouldn't lift it so it was drug clear across my house to the living room lol
We always seperate the candy and divide it evenly amounts the count of the year... my living room floor was a candy factory by the time we were finished.
The fun began as I counted and divided to make it even then handed it to Tracy to distribute... 
A little over an hour later we were finished! 

I honestly LOVE doing this for the kids every year. Honestly I love the whole process! The shopping the prepping the stuffing the decorating all of it. The best part you ask?
The smiles on thier faces and the bright look in thier eyes of excitment when they get them! 
Do you have a Halloween tradition?