Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tips and Tricks Thursday: My Top 10 MUST Have Items to Run My Life

Not only am I a mom of three, a wife, a business owner, a student a baby sitter, a freelancer through the news paper but I am also a full time overnight associate. Needless to say my life is a chaotic mess the majority of the time.
There are a few things that I MUST have in order to function and to feel somewhat control of my life. There is no special order of these things but needless to say they are things that are used on a daily bases.
Here is my list of must haves:
1: A Planner

I carry one with me at all times this is the one thing that keeps me straight on appointments, school functions, paper assignments, homework assignments due along with other things.

2: Cell Phones
Thank goodness for technology. I will be honest this is my life lone for so many reasons. This is the main communication source between my husband, kids, baby sitter, newspaper business and of course everyone else. With me being on a completely different schedule than the rest of the world it is to me one of the most important things I utilize.

3: A To Do List:

This was a habit I did daily when I was first working and for some reason I stopped doing it and boy let me tell you what I can see the difference. I think it is helpful to have the daily "goals" in writing for me to see. I am usually good about getting everything accomplished and then some when it is written down and in my face versus if I try to remember it all.

These bad boys are EVERYWHERE in my house. Since I work nights it is easy for me to loose a day or two or even a week at a time. With one located in each of the kids rooms, the kitchen, my desk, and on every phone, computer, and tablet in our home I have found it a life saver!
This is also a great way I can keep the hubby informed of appointments, birthdays and other important events that is happening for the month.

5: Coffee

Do I really need to say more about this?
 I usually wake up at noon to start my day after getting at the most 4 hours a day of sleep. I am usually good until about 9pm.
Then it is coffee time usually I run off to the best friends and spend a few minutes to catching up on the day we have had.

6: Red Bull Red Edition

I am not a huge energy drink fan but this is the only one that I can handle. I love the cranberry flavor and the fact that it is just enough to get me through the slump when I am dragging.

7: Chalk Board
I got this beauty for my birthday this month from my best friend in California and I am IN LOVE with it! This is perfect to remind the girlies of things they need to get done before school since they are home with the baby sitter. Since I have used this for them mornings have ran so much smoother for them and the baby sitter. So worth it!
8: Music
This is a daily must have for me. When I say daily I do mean at night. having music play keeps me steady at work and efficient. I LOVE all genres so it is helpful to be able to pick and choose they type for my mood.
9: My Hubby
No matter what me and him have faced in the last 10 years we have gotten through it. We have put each other through hell and yet we stay true to one another. He is one of my biggest supporters and though our time together is few and far between now days and our stress levels are at an all time high with everything that we are currently facing we are still able to be goofy together and at the end of it all we firmly believe we will conquer what is in front of us.
Our marriage is not perfect by no means, we fight, we argue. We do not always agree. We are COMPLETE opposites but this man has had my heart from the very beginning.
I believe we make a good team.
I know he will probably not read this but I will say that if he was not in my life I would not be able to do half of what I do.
Having the daily support is one thing that drives me to be a better woman, wife and friend to him. My other motivators and MSUT haves are...
 10: My Girls

Starting on March 9th 2002 at 3:01 am this became the reason I breathed in life. These three brats are a must in my life, yes they drive me bonkers, yes they are a lot to handle and yes they always keep me on my toes but I would be so very lost without them. They are the reason I am everything I listed in the beginning.
What is something that you a MUST have in order to function on a daily basis? Let us know!