Monday, October 13, 2014

A Weekend Recap

Weekends are never the same now that my weekends are now Tuesday and Wednesdays but I have to say we always try to make the best of it and cram in as muchh family time as possible.  
We had a relaxing one since we had some not so favorable weather.
Since I now work on the weekends and I am missing all my babies I try to bring them a special breakfast treat on Saturday or Sunday. 
Sometimes its Donuts, Danish etc. This weekend was cinnamon rolls! 

We enjoyed art time in the car port with chalk... The kids still love this cheap and fun entertainment. Thankfully we now have more sidewalk for the artist to decorate. 

We also got to puppy sit this weekend! 
I say we but the hubby did most of the work... hey a girls gotta sleep right?

We also did homemade pizza this weekendn My 7 year old will only eat pizza I

 if she gets to make it... Pizza huts is WAY better than mine but you cant tell her that...

We also started our Halloween Decorating. I will share more on this fun when we are finished but here is a sneak peak.

Of course we cleaned house also and we have decided on the forst room to start working on. We are themeing all of the rooms in the new house and giving them all a fresh coat of paint. I am excited to start... do you want to guess which room we decided to start with?! 

I vant wait to show you the progress as we go on the rooms! 
This one is one I am SUPER excited for to see the results!