Monday, October 27, 2014

A Spooky Weekend

This weekend of the Halloween Spooky fun full fledged!
Since I am the worst procrastinator Thursday and Friday was the day I hunted down costumes and accessories for the ghouls in my live. 
I will NOT be doing that next year since the kids had to choose through a lack of choices and we ended up only buying one for Boo and the other two barrowed one or utilized stuff at home.

Saturday night our town hosted thier 9th annual Spook City event. We have gone to this event every year since moving here because it is a safe alternative to the traditional trick or treating (though we do that too). Our town gathers up small buisnesses, churches, politicians and other groups to set up booths and hand out candy to the thousands that flock to this 3 hour event. 
This year my bestie Tracy joined us with a friends little girl and we are so glad she joined us. 
Between Batman, Elsa, Anna, Ronald McDonald, and a TON of Star Wars characters the kids were thrilled with the meet and greets and the photo opts. They bounced in bouncy houses, gathered candy and smiled next to Chewbacca! 
We always look forward to this and the kids LOVE it! 
The ghouls at Spook City! 

Sunday afternoon the youngest girls had thier fall festival at thier school so we dressed up again and walked over for another two hours of halloweeen fun! 
We love events like this since it benefits the school directly.
We had two hours of games and candy, cake walks and  more.
Ready to go!

This is again another tradition we have continued to do since our move. 
Though this was at the new school the kids were thrilled and loved it. 

We still have so much more Halloween fun planned this week as we count down to the spooky night on Friday including: Ds middle school band dance, trick or treating, a Halloween party with friends and our Wine Night this week will be celebrating Tracys bday by having a jamma party and stuffing candy bags for all the mosters and ghouls that we hold near and dear to us! 
I will share with all of this with you guys! 
Hope you had an amazing weekend!