Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Which Do You Prefer and Why Wednesday

Thank you to all my peeps who has sent in their requests for this weeks blog!
HUGE thanks to my cousin Vince for flooding me with them...
Now what you have been waiting for:
From Megan (friend from high school) in California:
 Light or Dark Meat on Poultry:

I would have to say white meat.. I do however LOVE hot wings and other items that are typically dark meat only but when it comes to things like Thanksgiving and such I am right there waiting on the white meat!
Cows Milk versus Almond Milk
Moo baby Moo!
I am not a "health nut" by any means at all so I am all about the cow... It was good enough back in the day and so I am good with it now. To be honest I have never tried any other kind of milk that I am aware of unless I did as a kid... which is possible.
From Vincent (my cousin/ more like my little brother) out of Arizona:
Steak- bloody as hell, or burnt to a crisp?
Neither, when I do eat steak (I am not a HUGE red meat eater and honestly could go without it... forever) I like it to be pink inside but done at the same time, so I guess you could say that I order mine medium rare? I am not sure since I don't eat it enough. I have to have them go over the stats at restaurants when I do order steak so I don't get it wrong...
PC vs. Console Gaming
Here is a shock... I am NOT a gamer LOL
As a mom I have really never liked the things BUT I will say that I am all about the console gaming if I had to choose.
I like to the fact that they can travel with them (THANK God for small miracles). I also like that there are a TON of options for them now.
Down fall for these though is that they all have crap that is easy to loose including the games, the three girls NEVER keep up with it all and they fight who is going to play what game during electronic time... other than that they are fabulous :)
Classic, Ar-15 vs. AK-47
Ummm sure.... I know that there is a difference and I have heard these two pieces of hardware talked about ALL my life but lets be honest... I NEVER have paid attention... so I will ask you... Which do you prefer? and Why?
Gas vs. Electric Appliances
If you would have asked me this 3 years ago you would have heard me bitch piss and complain that I HATED gas! When living on the West Coast and the South EVERYTHING was electric. So when we moved to Arkansas I was in a culture shock that so much was gas based. The Heat, Stove, Water Heater... I thought great another damn bill! UGH!
I hated cooking on it... I BURNED EVERYTHING for seemed like forever though realistically it was maybe the first month, but now I am all about the GAS!
Yes we have yet another bill...(have I ever mentioned those things SUCK) BUT our eclectic bill is decent... honestly we SAVE money with having gas and electric versus just electric alone.
Down fall? All of our gas appliances have an electric start...So when we loose power we loose gas too... yay...
Thank goodness we have a fireplace now :)
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