Friday, October 31, 2014

In A Blink of an Eye... A Decade in Time

Tomorrow is a very special day for me. 
It marks a decade of being with the hubby!
It is so hard to believe that a whole TEN years has flashed before us and most days it seems like only yesterday we were chatting it up as friends and other days it seems like a life time.

We met at our work place and became instant friends. To be honest though I have always thought he was out of my league and there was now way he would desire a freshly divorced single mom of two.

After some time we finally became an offical couple and it things flowed naturally between us. We never had to force our relationship to blossom and that was just a relief to us both. 

Before we knew it he was moving in with me and my girls one article of clothing at a time and we never looked back.

Now I am not going to feed you a bunch of crap and tell you it was blissful the whole way through. We have had our fights, our arguments and our differences. Hell we have even broke up a few times. But what matters is that we never truly gave up on one another.

We have gone through many trials and triumphs together. We have faced deaths and have witnessed life being brought into the world. We have witnessed marriages and divorces and then we have gone through some things that normal couples starting off dont have to deal with. 

After 10 years together we can honestly say that we are so very blessed to be the parents to our three girls and to have not killed each other yet. ;) (JUST KIDDING) 

To be honest my life would not be the same without this man. I will always stand by and say he saved my life in so many ways. 

No he isn't perfect but neither am I. 
No we dont always get along but we always work it out.
Yes our lives can get stressful and we could take an easy way out but we choose not too.
We stick together and help each other through the rough patches.
We are a team.

Ant: Thank you for loving me and my girls. 
Thank you for the last 10 years.
Here is to the start of another 10 years! 
♡ ya babe!