Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spooky Decor: Halloween 2014

 We LOVE Halloween in this house.
 This maybe of course the kids LOVE to dress up but also because they LOVE to decorate with me and the hubby.
This year we have had to phase our decorating since I work overnights now there is a chunk of our family days gone so this mamma can sleep before her next work "day".
So far we have done two phases in decorating and I plan on maybe one more before we start running around with all of our celebrations.
This years plans?
Fall Fest at the elementary school, spook city, a halloween party with some friends and of course trick or teating!

Here are some pics of our current decor:

I found this adorable Frankie a few years back at Bath and Body Works! 
Glitter signs: Target

Our spooky tree

Walk way 
Towels: Big Lots

View from street

Skull: liquor bottle I got for my bday. Can be found locally at Enterprise
Candle: Gold Canyon Hocus Pocus 2013 fall collection.
 Pumpkin: Target
Stand: Made by the hubby...
Wreath: Made by myself.

We are watching for clearence items to add to our collection since the house is bigger now. The current decor is swallowed up and doesnt stand out. Plus one year we want to throw a Halloween Party since the kids will soon be growing out of the trick or treating stages of life. We are looking forward to all of our fesivities this year and can not wait to show you all the fun!