Friday, October 17, 2014

Little Old Bag Lady D

I am sure she will hate me for this post for years to come but I just CAN'T help it.
My oldest is a little old bag lady! 
She carried not one or two but 5 bags! 
Count them with me...
1. Backpack
2. Lunch Box
3. Pencil pouch
4. Purse
5. Clarinet...

I mind you this kid is less than 70 lbs and hauls all this mess with her. 
I dont know why she does it...
Or how for that matter but I have come to realize she is even known at the school for being the girl who carries all these bags! 
what will I ever do with her...

And of course i forgot the book thats is ALWAYS embedded in her hands. 
If i was not there when she was born I would think she was born with it in her hand..n

Does your kid have a quirky habit?

Lets here it.

As for the weekend here we dont have huge plans as of yet. I of course will work but besides that I am hoping for some quality family time. :)