Monday, October 7, 2013

While We Were Out

This last weekend was one I was grateful for because it was my birthday Friday.
I was blessed to be able to make it another year and since this is my last year in my 20s it was also a little but of a wake up call.
On Friday I got to watch the little girl I baby sit and though she was a bit fussy it was nice to spend the day with her. Granted she is 7 weeks old, but made me realize I am glad I had mine young. :) 

Friday I recieved a birthday gift from my neighbor and a few cards in the mail from family members.

Friday night my neighbor took the girls for a few hours while my husband took me to go get my gift from him and the girlies ;) 

This is just phase one. :)

Saturday we hung out at home after making our daily trip to Wal-Mart. The hubby had an appointment that afternoon so me and the girls made a wreath for under the mailbox :)
Saturday evening we went to my birthday dinner thanks to my biolgical dad at the Dixie Cafe.
After we got home from dinner there was a mysteru gift by the back door...
Turns out our other neighbors left an adorable gift for me!

Sunday brought lots of laziness and grilled steaks thanks to the hubby and finally cool fall weather.
Boo wore an adorable outfit to church and I must say I wish it would look this cute on me!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!