Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tatted Thursday: Where it ALL began...

As long as I can remember I have always been a interested in tats, the art work, skills, the stories behind them and I TOTALLY wanted one...
From toddler stage to high school I was always drawing on my skin giving myself "ink". Luckily I got a job at 16 and hit my mom up to allow me to go get the real deal! 
After laying out my case (we were told we had to be 18)
I would pay for it
She got to pick it and location
I worked part time and was a straight A student
She didn't have to stay with me just sign the paper

Well I won my case (should had been a lawyer) 
and we were off to the tattoo shop!

This particular tat was done at Gulf Coast Tattoo in Theodore AL.
I dont remember my artist seeing it was done 13 years ago but I was thrilled.
Looks like they are still in buisness too!

Anyways my mom chose my ink, signed the papers and made sure my older sister could come back with me (she was 18 at the time) 
They set it all up and I went back later that night as a double date with my sister and our boyfriends at the time.

My sister also got inked and pierced (wasn't planned or known by mom)

The location chosen was the outside of my left ankle to cover up a shaving scar I had gotten a few years prior. (they tatted next to it leaving the scar in plain sight)
The tat was a fairy (I really like them mystical creatures)
The colors are the same as the flash art displayed within the shop and I was all set!
The tat took less than an hour and I was excited to go home and so my mom her tat (I will add to it when she passes)
The pain scale of the ankle from 1-10 was probably a 2. It was irritating more than hurting and it was all new to me so I had worked myself up I am sure.
My oldest Aunt was in town when we got home so much to my mothers surprise she picked a fairy who was NAKED to be permanently embedded in her 16 year olds skin (epic fail mom) I personally thought it was HILARIOUS (her or my aunt... not so much).

This little flying chick started my addiction 13 years ago. I now have 12(?) tattoos and do have plans for more. I am a ink supporter. I am addicted to ink. I am employeed. I am a mom. 
Ready for more ink stories? Stay tuned we have more to share!

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