Friday, September 26, 2014

Tips and Trick Thursday: Organizing Our Movie Collection

Who doesn't LOVE a good movie?
My family happens to be movie addicts and what can I say we have a few...hundred...
When we moved into the new house I counted almost 15 boxes of them damn things...15! 
I am not sure anymore what our exactly count is but I am sure we are bucking close to 1000 at this stage in our lives.
Why so many you ask?
Well it is simple...
there is nothing better than a movie night with the hubby, or with the kids, or with myself but our favorite is movie night as a family!
We have done it since the kids were little and I think that it is something that not only they LOVE but we do too, plus it is a cheaer fanily night then a trip to the movie theater.
So how do I organize this monstrosity of a movie collection you ask? Well it is actually REALLY simple!

We currently have 4 of these and they are ALL full!
 I used sticky notes to keep the order together. From #s to collection sets of various titles.
Then the fun began on putting all the movies in alphabetical order!

This was the end of the process...

Since I worked as a merchandising for 5 years at a book store I am alot of OCD about alphabetical order with my books and our movies. At first the hubby HATED it and now after some time he actually likes it. 

How do you organize your movie collection?