Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Series for Tuesdays and Thursdays!

You thought I forgot didnt you?

As promised we will be starting a new series on the blog. This is definitely one that is more of the artistic nature and giving props to all our "rebels" out there...

The series will run on Tuesday or Thursday or BOTH depending on your response on getting involved. Our Tips and Tricks will still run on them so if that is a series you LOVE no need to worry it is NOT going ANYWHERE! 

So... the new series shall be all about INK, TATTOOS, the AMAZING artist that fo them, thier shops, peoples opinions and MORE! 

To start off the series you will get an up close and personal in depth look at my personal ink where I will share the tat, location the story behind it where I was and more!

Why tattoos you my ask?

Why not? 

INK and all its glory is very much apart of myself and my little family. The hubby is also a fan of the gun and art and you will get to see his and learn more  about his also...

How can you get involved?

Send us a picture of your ink!
Tell us about it, why you got it, where you got it, your artist and more! 
Your tat will be featured on the blog!

If you are an artist send us your work! Tell us where you are located and a little about yourself. 

Own a shop? TELL US!

I hope you all enjoy this series and I look forward to seeing all your amazing work!

Be on the look out for my first tat that started it all for me!!

Email me at jonsigurl@yahoo.com SUBJECT: FEATURE MY TAT! 

So what are you waiting for?