Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

Well it has been almost a month since I have had the chance to blog!
Can you believe it?!
I am so sad that I have not been here and I sure have missed it!
So here is what has been happening in a nut shell...
I have become the NIGHT OWL
I started my new job overnights and though I LOVE my job this overnight night schedule is harder than I thought! Granted it could be that I have not done this schedule in 10 years but this transition is not going as smooth as I had hoped. I know that it will take time and we will get used to it but it will take time.
We are READY to Announce our BIG NEWS
Things have lined up and we are now ready to announce our BIG news!
We have been hiding some HUGE news from you all and we will be announcing it Friday!
This big news announcement will lead up to more blog series AND fill you all in on MORE things we have been doing!
Stay tuned guys I will be back on a regular bases with all the details to share on what's been happening, things we are working towards, tips and tricks will go back into full swing.. AND a new series for all you ink lovers!
What are you excited to hear about? Tell us!