Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Welcome to our NEW Home!!!

As you have all seen with our big announcement post here we have moved into our new home!

We were not planning to move BUT we couldn't pass up on this house. We were in desperate need of something bigger for our growing kiddos since they have not gotten the memo that I would TOTALLY be ok with them staying young :)  As long as I did too of course. 

At the end of last school year we were helping a friend move and she was talking about renting out here old house... we fell in love with its features and the fact it was somewhat of a fixer upper (we have always wanted one) and saw so many possibilities that we worked out details with her to rent it. We will eventually buy the house but we wanted to do a "test drive" before we made it all offical... and added on several thousand dollar debt.

Now what you all have been waiting for the pictures!

The Outside:
extra car port in the back... PROJECT in the making


 Extra storage in the back... PROJECT in the making

Sun Room: PROJECT in the making!

PERFECT spot for our summer pool needs... PROJECT in the making!
Also areas of interest not photographed is our storm shelter, the front double car port and our laundry room that is all outside if the home...
The Kitchen:


The Living Room:
The Dining Room:
Oldest Daughter's Room:
Middle Daughter's Room
Youngest Daughter's Room:
Master Bedroom:

There are so many projects to do!!!!
I hope you all will follow our journey!
We have started two project one indoor( Think colorful) and one outdoor (think demo)  that you maybe interested in seeing so be sure to follow our blog!
Next time you see the house you will see what the place looks like with all of our crap stuff in it, how we laid things out and I will also share with you some of the houses secret treasures that I am IN LOVE with!
Will you join me in my treasure hunt?