Friday, April 11, 2014

Mommy Must Haves: A Guide to Mamma's Purse

As a mom of 3, a wife, a student and a biz woman my purse is my go to thing. I know it maybe true for all women so I thought it would be fun to take a peak into what are my must haves in my purse...I promise the kitchen sink is not one :)
Of course you have to have the purse to put all your goodies in and right now I am totally in love with the cross over hobo style purses.. They are a decent size not to big to where I would be tempted to fit that sink in and not to small to where I can break down and stuff all my must haves in there...
1. Band-Aids:
Yes this is a must with kids, I actually did not start carryings these until I got stuck spending $10 for them at Claire's one day at the mall after our youngest fell and needed them and we were not anywhere near our go to store for first aid equipment. Needless to say these are now a fixture in my purse :)
2: Chap Stick
I am not the kinda gal to wear lipstick or lip gloss for that matter but I tend to have Chap Stick rolling around in the bottom of my purse for days when the lips need a little more moisture.
Some swear by other brands but I am happy with the $1 spent here...
Plus one of kids usually end up claiming it before long :)

3: Flash Drives (2)
As a business woman and a student I carry two of these little life savers with me.
One for school work and one for biz info.
These are LIFE LINES to me... :)

4: Bic Lighters (several)
Ok I know... its bad for you... but I am a smoker and I tend to loose these ALOT
I always keep at least 2 in my purse, one in my car and several in our home.
Not to mention besides my NASTY habit they are always good to have :)

5: Nail Care Kit
This to me is a must have for any woman, plus with having 3 girls you never know when one will break a nail. I LOVE that these have mini scissors in them too for easier opening of snacks, toys etc when on the go :)

Another life line of mine as I schedule appointments for kids, myself, hubby and biz, not to mention this helps me remember if I have a day care kid or not. With out this little book I am sure I would never make it to anything at the right time let alone the right day OR I would double book everything!

7: Hand Sanitizers
I think that this is another HUGE thing to have even if you do not have offspring. Germs are EVERYWHERE and we all know that sometime we go to the bathroom and the sink doesn't work or they are out of soap etc. Well this is better than nothing until you can find the next available working sink for sure :)

8: Wallet
My wallet is well bulky because I keep WAY TO MUCH in it. I am also LOVING the clasp wallets that re out, these are so much simpler if you are having to hold a kids hand, talk on the phone etc. its a one hand access which with my busy life is SO nice to be able to do.
9: Biz Card Holder
Not only is this for me to have my cards on hand but these are also great for the others I have and want to keep close by.
10: Membership cards
I will be honest if there is a FREE membership to any of the stores I make a purchase from I am a sucker and sign us up right then and there. I am all about saving a few bucks where I can and earning free things. What mom isn't right?
I have a WHOLE keychain dedicated to just these little things. :)

11: Handwritten letters
When my brother was in basic training for the Army he wrote me and I kept his letters in my purse because well I missed him... Needless to say they are still there and will probably always be there.
I have changed purses at least 5 times since he has been home and they move over with all my other goodies :)
12: Family pictures:
Along with my letters I keep wallet sized pictures in my purse of family and friends that have been sent to me over the years. They are no longer in my wallet but in a special pocket because I have so many :)
I LOVE pictures and it is great to have these special people with me where ever I go :)
So lets hear what your MUST haves are?