Friday, April 18, 2014

Perks of Being a SAHM

If you would have told me 15 years ago that before I was 30 I would become a SAHM (stay at home mom) I would have laughed in your face and told you how it was "going" to work.
2 weeks after my 16th birthday I showed up at home asking my mom what we had planned the upcoming Saturday and when she told me "nothing" I simply said "Good, I need you to take me to work." I went and filled out and application and got a job on my own with out her knowledge I was even looking for one.
Since that time (minus a few unemployment stretched during 2 pregnancies) I have worked full time in the wonderful world of food industry and retail. Spending a combined 10 years with two major retailers known as Wal-Mart and Books A Million.
I LOVED working out side the home though I did miss out on very important milestones with my kids.
Examples: My middle daughters first steps... the carving of my youngest first pumpkin... my oldest going potty the first time on her own...
These things were sacrificed so I could provide for them.
I was a single mom for about 2 years with the older two going to school and working full time.
I missed my girls, they are what drove me (and continue to do so), but I knew it was something I had to do.
When the opportunity arose to become a SAHM I was honestly scared to jump in.
I never understood how or why my mother chose this option when we were kids, I think thought that being a SAHM is one of the hardest, ungrateful, crappiest paid jobs ever!   
After 2 years of doing the SAHM thing I can say that it is still one of the hardest jobs ever, it can be ungrateful but the pay is priceless...
Here are some perks:
1: You have the opportunity to go to school events:
Last school year I had one graduate Kindergarten and on graduate 5th grade and received the Presidential Award. I was able to be there with no doubt or worry about what my work schedule would produce for that day and I am so very glad that I was there to be support them in their milestones... Even these little ones (though I am not sure how receiving the Presidential Award is a "little" thing)

I get to show up to all the musical performances they have from Band to Music Class musicals..
2: Spending more time:
I get to spend all of their school breaks with them and plan special things for us to do from treats to the yogurt shop, the zoo, pajama days, movie days, library days and more.

3:  Travel:
Since we only have one schedule to really work around when it comes to a job it is easier for us to travel. We have been able to make a few needed trips and some few fun trips since I have been home to prepare for these. Another huge thanks to my grandma for making some of these happen.
We have been back to Alabama once, Oklahoma twice ( one for my dad surgery one for his 50th, the hubby got to go for one of those), A few trips to northern Arkansas to see family. A trip to Arizona for a wedding then a skip to California for a week, a much needed trip with my godfather to the beach.

4: Extra Circulars:
When the two of us worked it was SO hard making sure the kids got every where. With me at home I am able to get them signed up for things like swimming, and band, and not worry about conflicts and if one of us will be home in time
5: School
Not only do I get the chance to help them with their homework but I was finally able to continue my own schooling and better myself. 2 months after we moved here I signed up for online college to pursue my dream in photography. Needless to say the Hubby was shocked when I told him that night he got home ( ok so there maybe a trend), also the hubby is able to also continue his schooling in his new field of work.
6: Down with the Sickness:
Yes I know this is a weird perk but once you are a working mom and you have to worry about leaving work early, calling in, making arrangements last minute for a sick kid this is one of my favs.
I am able to schedule appointments pretty much whenever works best for them and their school and not have to worry about it interfering with 1000 other things. Yesterday fro example I was able to take my youngest in to the dentist to have some work done and then I was able to watch her (she had to be under close supervision for several hours while she cam off meds) with out major guilt.
The only one I had to convince that it was ok I got NOTHING done was myself... (which some days maybe worst than a boos)
It is great when the school nurse calls you about your kids and you can actually answer the phone, you can drop what your doing to go get them, you can rush them to the dr if needed and your only concern is them...
 Today the girls are home for Good Friday and I am going to head into the big city with them for a little surprise. I am excited for it to just be us four but hoping the hubby can make a surprise appearance. :)
Hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend and we will see you Monday!