Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sceduling Summer

Summer never fails to be an exciting season for us here.
With the girls getting older it is not hard to imagine we are usually running around with out heads in our hands wondering which direction is which.
I was going over the summer plans this last weekend and this summer is no different...
Check it out:
June 4th is officially the last day of school since we had to make up a weeks worth of snow days we get a week later in school doors...
the girls are not thrilled about this and after seeing this summer's schedule neither is this mamma.

That weekend we plan to have the neighborhood yard sale that we are kinda making a tradition around here. :)

The week after is Church Camp for the girlies where they will spend the whole week away from home... (I am confused on when the girls became old enough to do this) I am sure I will be lost since I have never experienced this as a mom (pray for me?)

The week after that D is off to band camp for a week by herself on a college campus (reminding myself to breathe)

Once she gets home we will have a week or so worth of relaxation (maybe depending on their biological dad)
Then we get the party started with my dad flying in for the 4th of July for a long weekend so he can spend time with my godfather and his BFF that he has not seen in over 20 years. I am VERY excited about this weekend!

If all goes to plan we have about 2 weeks of home time then me and the kiddie (or kiddies depending on who is home and who is not) will be headed to Bama.
We are hosting a cousin reunion there this year the first one ever and I will be working on some photo sessions while there also.

Once we get home we will have another week or two stretch before we are possibly beach bound!
I LOVE this trip and though it got skipped last year we are ever more excited about spending a week in the sun, on the beach, in the sand, with a cold drink in our hand...

Is it summer yet?
What are your big plans this summer?